While Those Who Stole Nigeria’s Commonwealth Are Untouched, 13 Cart Pushers Jailed In Lagos

cart pushers

13 cart pushers, pushing to eke out a life after they were denied by a ravenous ruling class of a fair share of the commonwealth, have been sentenced to five months imprisonment by a Magistrate’s Court sitting at Ogba, Lagos State, for violating the state environmental law that should not have passed judicial scrutiny.

With the elite now ashamed of the (artificial) poverty they created, the cart pushers, were arraigned by the Lagos State Environmental Sanitation Corps on Tuesday, after their arrest in Lagos Island, Ikorodu and Egbeda areas of the state

The magistrate, Ogundare Olayinwola, who behaved like the judiciary is an offshoot of the executive, sentenced the men to five months’ imprisonment with an option of N20,000 fine.

This further exposes Nigeria’s dubious justice system. While the men and women who stole the commonwealth are walking around as VIPs, the victims of their crime against humanity are being sent to jail.


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  1. Judgement day coming for all the oppressors of the poor


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