IBB Spokesman, Afegbua Raises Alarm Over Threats To His Life Over Anti-Buhari Statement


Kazzim Afegbua, Spokesman of former military president, Ibrahim Babangida on Friday in Abuja alarmed the nation over threats to his life since he released the anti-Buhari statement on Sunday on behalf of his boss.

Mr. Afegbua issued the alert when he spoke with journalists after he left the office of the Department of State Services in Abuja.

He had visited the DSS headquarters on Thursday, but was asked to come again on Friday and was again accompanied by his lawyer, Dr Kayode Ajulo.

Since Sunday, I have been receiving series of abusive and offensive text messages on my phone, challenging me to come out of my hiding if I am a man, Afegbua said.

They have been threatening to deal with me for daring to ask Buhari not to seek reelection next year and with all these, I have come to a conclusion that my life is in danger and based on this, I am surrendering my life to the government, he added.

He urged the government of President Muhammadu Buahri to allow constructive criticism for the good of our democracy.

He said, “In the last one week, I have gone through a lot, including my children. The Police declared me a wanted man for just no course.

“Later, the DSS invited me on the same flimsy excuse. On Thursday, I honoured the invitation. I spent seven -hours with my lawyer without seeing their boss and I was asked to come back today.

” Today again, I spent almost two and half hours before my interrogators came and led me to a conference room where they confronted me first, with the statement ‎I issued on Sunday, on behalf of my boss of over 14 years, former President Ibrahim Babangida, in which he advised President Buhari not to seek reelection in 2019.

“I affirmed being the author on the instruction of my boss. They asked me to put it in writing, which I did.

“They ‎ brought the second statement refuting the original statement I signed and I told them that I knew nothing about it. They also asked me to put it in writing and I did just that.

“Later, they asked me to provide my bank account number, the number of my passport, my residential address and many other details about myself.

“However, they said that what they were doing about my case was normal. They said that once such two conflicting statements are coming from such ‎a personality like a former President, they have the responsibility to investigate it and get to the root of the matter.

“Thereafter, they asked me and my lawyer, Dr Kayode Ajulo, to go. The atmosphere was very friendly and as well cordial.”


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