After The Killing Of Don Wanny, What Buhari Should Immediately Do, By Baridam Ben*

In the past one week alone, this man lying down in the middle (Don Wanny) has killed a minimum of 60 innocent persons. If I say he and his gang has killed more than 1,000 innocent lives in Omoku and its environs since he started his operation then I’d be doing him a favour.

But thank God, after we called on the President to intervene, and he quickly dispatched the Minister of Interior to the state two days ago, a combined team of the DSS and the Military took him out in far away Enugu State where he ran to blend in with the locals. Congratulations to everyone who has done one thing or the other to put an end to this killing machine created by some well known enemies of light in this state.
Now, in order to put a lasting stop to this unfortunate situation, the President should immediately investigate why this criminal was killed instead of taken alive after he was arrested. He had a lot of confessions to make, evidence to provide, and he was a potential witness against those who made him, so why then was he killed instead of being brought back alive to answer for his crime and provide information that would lead to stopping further criminal activities in that area?
Also, the law enforcement agencies should immediately go into that local government and disband the militia group set up by the PDP government there under the guise of forming a vigilante. The assault rifles these guys carry are even more sophisticated than what the Nigerian police carry and they will become a bigger trouble for us tomorrow if the guns are not taken from them and the group disbanded. The PDP government were happy to support the federal government in taking out Don Wanny because they knew that they had another more organised militia arm in the area which would work for them in 2019. The government should put a stop to this milita group and also leverage on the shock the death of Don Wanny has created to chase out the remnants of his gang in that region, while building more structures for law enforcement agencies. Fire brigade approach to law enforcement must stop, we need to be more proactive if we’re to make progress.
And lastly, there is another Don Wanny in Okrika, there is one in Ikwerre, there is another one in Ogoni and one in Kalabari. We don’t have to wait for them to kill 60 persons in 4 days before we react, we need to go after them now because the high rate of crime in the state will not stop until we put an end to these criminals who have become models to the young ones of today.

* Barindam Ben contributed from Port Harcourt


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