Fulani Herdsmen Worse Than Boko Haram, Says Colonel Stan-Labo

A retired army officer, Colonel Hassan Stan-Labo, on Thursday said Fulani herdsmen attacks in states might be worse than the Boko Haram insurgency.

He said this while speaking on Channels Television’s Politics Today.

Colonel Labo advised the Federal Government to act before the menace got out of hands, saying that Nigerians were concerned about the attacks reportedly carried out by herdsmen, whom he described as terrorists.

“I think attacks by Fulani herdsmen is a disturbing issue, enough is enough we must look for solutions to all this.

“Attacks by Fulani herdsmen wouldn’t be too far from Boko Haram insurgency very soon because frankly, these things keep building up gradually.

“And in our normal or traditional manner of handling issues, like some of my friends will say – we keep romancing it until it done on us that look, we are into it as if we are into another Boko Haram.

“The attacks on various communities even if it is not as bad as Boko Haram, it has given us all the early warnings, all the signs that are could even be worse than Boko Haram.

“If we place the tag of terrorist on IPOB – on this very programme I referred to IPOB as terrorists, I would also want to refer to these guys, the herdsmen as terrorists because their actions give them out as that. They might not be flying a flag and sort but they are armed,” he said.

The security expert said he was not particularly too impressed with the way we’ve handled the herdsmen issues, “and I have this feeling that we have a serious manpower issue even with the security agencies.

“Yes, we have serious manpower issues – both the police and even the military the army is being overstretched.”


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