President Buhari Embarrasses Self, Govt By Appointing Dead Man As Board Chairman


President Muhammadu Buhari has again underlined his incompetence and his being overwhelmed by the office of the presidency by appointing a dead man to head one of the government agencies in his largest set of appointments since assuming office on Friday.

The president had appointed 209 board chairmen and 1,258 board members.

However, among the list of 209 Chairmen was Senator Francis Okpozo, who according to the list will be the Chairman of the Nigerian Press Council. But Senator Francis Okpozo died in 2016 and the same Buhari had sent a condolence message on December 26, 2016 to his family and the people of Edo State.

The Second Republic was buried on 17th February this year.

Apart from Okopzo, Buhari also appointed two other dead people as board members. They are the late Magdalene kumu from Taraba, as member, National Film and Video Censors Board and the late retired DIG and elder statesman, Donald Ugbaja from Delta.

Mr. Buhari’s inexplicable gaffe has left Nigerians speechless and they ignited the social media on Saturday throwing jabs at their president.

The question is, as a man, who preached change, are there no competent young men and women in the country for these positions?

The list of appointees is dominated by people from the old brigade.


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