Presidency Gives Lousy Explanation Why Buhari Appointed Dead People As Board Members

Buhari latest gazing

A media aide to President Buhari, Garba Shehu has given a lousy explanation to why the names of three dead Nigerians were on the list of appointees for boards of various Federal government parastatals that was released on Friday.

In a telephone chat with Premium Times, Mr. Shehu explained that the list of the appointees ”has a history”.

He said that shortly after President Buhari came into to office, he requested all state chapters of APC to submit names of 50 party members to be considered for board appointment. Garba said when the names from the various party chairmen was forwarded to president Buhari, the different state governors protested, saying they were not carried along.

To please the governors, Shehu said President Buhari immediately constituted a committee under the leadership of vice president Yemi Osinbajo, to review and reflect the interest of the governors. The report from the Osinbajo-led committee was however not immediately implemented because President Buhari took ill and was out of the country for a while.

“The president’s trips for medical attention slowed down completion of the process,” he said, until when Mr Buhari decided to revisit the matter recently.

“The current SGF was only directed to complete that process by releasing the list which he apparently did without altering it,” Shehu explained.

Shehu admitted that the list contained some errors which would be corrected and added that there is no need describing the list as scandalous.

What a lousy justification. How could a government official openly admit that government work is haphazardly done? By placating the governors and other party bigwigs, is Shehu not exposing his principal as not being the agent of change he claims he is? It simply means that the best people were not chosen to serve the country.

Haba Shehu!


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