VIDEO: SARS Men Rip Off Testicles And Penis Of Kidnappers Arrested In Abia, Take Delight In Their Anguish As They Mock And Watch Them Struggle To Stay Alive (VERY GRAPHIC)


A Sahara TV video, which has gone viral on the internet, show SARS officials, who ripped off the testicles and penis of kidnappers arrested in Abia state, taking delight in their victims’ anguish, with the sadistic policemen mocking as they watch them struggling not to die.

The video reportedly taken by a member of SARS shows how men arrested for kidnapping were shot in their private parts and chained to police vehicles.

Instead of taking them to hospital, as normal police officers would have done, the SARS took leisure in watching fellow humans die.

Recall the #ENDSARS campaign by millions of Nigerians, in which they called on the authorities to scrap the brutal SARS.
They cited the brutality and extra-judicial killings of SARS as their reasons.

Watch the very graphic video below…


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