VIDEO: Nigeria Exposed As Cassava Republic As Passengers Survive After Their Bus Plunged Into Valley

On Tuesday some Nigerians, who were travelling along Abakaliki road in Ebonyi State, were involved in a very serious road accident.

The bus in which they were travelling 🚌 (Peace Mass Transit) had veered off the road, somersaulted a couple of times and landed in a valley. But somehow God saved them and they survived, none was even wounded.

However, one feels a knot in the stomach watching the video of the whole thing – the resort to primordial means of rescue, despite being citizens of a country with over N7 trillion budget. No personnel of any emergency agency was in sight and there was no sign that they were on their way to activate quick rescue or administer much needed medical and psychological aid.

Such lack of emergency response smack of utter disregard for human life. It could only be possible in a bogus country or cassava republic.

The accident victims, still in shock, littered the accident scene, among them children below ten years – like sea turtle hatchlings that have just cracked open their eggshells (with no help from their mother) and lost in an unknown world, where they need some seconds to get orientation of what to do next. WHAT A COUNTRY!

Facebook user Jude Chukwuemeka Icon, was among the passengers. He shared the story and video on his timeline.

He wrote:

The devil 😈 proved to me that she is a liar with the following point of mine:
Coming back from EBSU, along Abakaliki in ebony state road our bus 🚌 (Peace Mass to be precise) had an accident and somersaulted. But our God was #ABLE.
None was wounded nor died including the driver. I and my sister in that bus 🚌 were #ALIVE.

Watch the video here…


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