Bishop Oyedepo Says He Sees Nothing Wrong In His Luxury Life, Flying Private Jets At Cost Of Poor Church Members

Founder and General Overseer of the Living Faith Church also known as Winners’ Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo has indicated that he sees nothing wrong flying private jets and maintaining a luxury life with church money, when in fact the majority of the people contributing the money struggle to eke out a decent meal per day.

Talking to Education Explorer, Bishop Oyedepo rather said such accusation makes him feel good because he sees it as persecution, adding that he is never disturbed by such false news.

But he failed to contradict it by proving to the contrary how else he finances his luxury life style.

When asked in an interview with the magazine at the weekend if the allegation that he uses church money to main his jets trouble him, the pastor said, “I feel very good. It’s an opinion. Let me tell you what my understanding of persecution is; it’s simply an opinion harshly expressed. And everybody has a right to his opinion.”

He continued, “People who are walking in the truth are hardly bothered when things are said negatively about them because they have nothing to hide. The truth is I have never felt it, some say it’s not human, but I have not. I can’t be wasting my time trying to reply lies because I have too many things to do.

“They are doing their work, let me be doing my work too and before they wake up in the morning, I’ve done the next one, so, it doesn’t matter. My idea of it is that, in a football match, you have only 22 people playing with thousands of spectators.

“And that is the way it is in the journey of life. In every field, you find just few players and many spectators, multitudes. If we don’t know where to place opinions, they will displace us.

 “When we started Covenant University, so many people said it would not work, now, we hosted two Nobel Laureates this week, whereas no Nigerian university has ever hosted one in the history of university education in Nigeria.

“Now, it is the most pronounced and preferred private university in Nigeria. In fact, they say this is the university of the future; that is what they say in the university community. Those who said it could not work now have their children here because they have changed their mind.”

However, most of his critics point to the fact that Covenant University was built with the Widow’s Might, but ironically no son or daughter of a widow could afford to school there – due to high fess and absence of a special scholarship program for the poor and needy.


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