IGP Idris Wrongly Says He’s Free To Have Love Affair With Policewomen Under Him

IGP Idris and the female officer in question

The Inspector-General of Police, IGP Ibrahim Idris, in response to his improper affair with two serving policewomen under his authority, has said that there is no law stopping him from having romance or marrying a serving female police officer.

A lawmaker representing Bauchi Central Senatorial District, Senator Isa Misau, had accused him of having an affair with a junior female colleague – one Corporal Amina – whom he claimed was promoted from the rank of Corporal to an Assistant Superintendent of Police within 12 months..

Now Mr. Idris has challenged Misau in a written defence he presented through his lawyer, Alex Iziyon, SAN, to the Senate ad-hoc committee looking into the matter, to show him any written law that stops him from having love affair with the police woman

The IG challenged the senator to cite a section of the law that prevents him from having romantic relationship with a policewoman.

The IGP, in his defence attempted to justify his behaviour by recalling that even Misau’s father married the lawmaker’s mother while in service.

CHECKPOINTCHARLEY sees the position of the IGP and his lawyer as absolutely wrong. Yes, there may not be any written law stopping Mr. Idris from being a Casanova in office. However, the office he occupies carries a moral burden. As a person occupying a position of authority, it is morally wrong to be hobnobbing with women under his authority.

It is even doubtful if the consent given by such women are free from undue influence, with them bearing in mind what would happen to them if they said no to the love advances of the IGP. Their career in the police would have been as good as over.

Therefore, Mr. Idris behaviour could tantamount to abuse of office. The matter need to be thoroughly scrutinized by the Senate.

The IGP’s reference to the behaviour of Misau’s father as a defence is very laughable. Idris is the person under probe and not Misau’s father. This apart, a possible misbehaviour by Misua’s father in the past, does not in any way give anybody in the service a licence to do the same.

In any case, responding to the allegation that Idris was having affairs with two female officers who also got questionable promotions as a result, Iziyon said, “This allegation is laughable and showed lack of understanding of the provisions of the Police Act and regulation.

“Until he brings such section of the Police Act, it will amount to discussing the Inspector-General of Police’s private life, which ordinarily should not have been entertained on the floor of the Senate.

“It might be appropriate to remind the senator, whose mother retired from the police as an Inspector of Police and a father who retired from the police as an Assistant Inspector-General of Police, that the Inspector -General of Police is a Moslem and, according to Islamic Law, can marry four wives provided he can love them equally.

“The senator also alleged that the Inspector-General of Police is in a relationship with one Corporal Amina whom he claimed was promoted from the rank of Corporal to an Assistant Superintendent of Police within 12 months.

“This allegation is false and the senator is under obligation to give the full particulars of the female police (officer), where she is serving and her duty post. It is not possible to promote a corporal to the rank of an ASP except the officer has attended an in-service cadet course.”

Mr. Idris had appeared before the Senate panel on Wednesday.




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