VIDEO: Fulani Herdsmen Unleash Economic Brutality On Sacked Benue Farmers, Destroy Their Yam Tubers


David, a Facebook user from Benue State, has shared a shocking video originally uploaded on Facebook by another Tiv lady, Queen Elizabeth Suwese Bumkeng, showing suspected Fulani herdsmen destroying yam tubers on a farmland belonging to peasant farmers they sacked from their farm.

In the video, herdsmen were seen unleashing economic brutality on the poor farmers by destroying all their yam tubers; all they have laboured for.

David wrote:

This video speaks volume and the message is simple. Its my singular desire that this message gets to the government and all who still have doubts in their minds about the unpatriotic,inhuman,diabolic and cruel act of the Fulani herdsmen in some state of the nation with particular reference to Benue state, Northern Central region of the country.

In the video are tubers of yam of some poor peasant farmers who have laboured day and night,under the sun and in the rain, sweating blood and water through the year just to be able to feed their families and hopefully earn a living allegedly being enthusiastically destroyed and fed to cattle’s by Fulani herdsmen.


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