Woman Jailed 22 Years For Killing Her Sister Because She Wanted To Have Her Husband


Saba Khan

A woman has been jailed for life with a minimum term of 22 years after admitting killing her own sister, with whom she lived and with whose husband she was having an adulterous relationship.

Sabah Khan, 27, stabbed 34-year-old Saima Khan, a care worker, at least 68 times after luring her home from work on the evening in May 2016 – on a day their parents and Saima’s husband were at a funeral.

More horrifying details have emerged that Sabah Khan, 27, cut her sister’s throat and stabbed her to death because she wanted her sister’s husband for herself.

It has been revealed that Sabah had been having a four-year adulterous relationship with her sister, Saima Khan’s husband, during which time she became pregnant and had an abortion.

The husband, Hafeez Rehman, lived under the same roof in Luton, England with the sisters and took advantage of the opportunity to sleep with both siblings and gain “exclusive rights” over his sister-in-law. He was “manipulative” during the illicit affair with his sister-in-law before his interest waned and Sabah begged him to take her back.

It is understood that Hafeez met Sabah when he was 21 and she was only 10. After he married her sister, he started an affair with her which saw them having sex in his taxi and at their home when his wife had gone to work.

In order to have Hafeez all to herself, Sabah plotted to kill her sister. And she took time to plan the attack, the court was told.

She reportedly conducted chilling internet searches into poisons and ‘getting away with murder’ as she plotted her sister’s death. Two days before she killed her sister, she was seen at a Tesco store where she went to buy a knife.

On the day of the attack, she lured her sister home by telling her to come home because one of her children was crying. She then waited for her in the darkness of their home.

When her sister came in, she attacked her right in the hallway close to the door and stabbed her so many times.

Saima Khan


After she was dead, she removed her clothes and still continued stabbing her. The victim’s four young children were upstairs as the attack was going on and at some point during the attack, they woke up and asked if their aunt was “killing a mouse”.

After killing her sister, Sabah, smashed the glass on the entrance door to make it look like a burglar had broken into their house. Saima reportedly suffered 68 knife wounds in the frenzied attack, with severed arteries and a jugular vein and deep wounds to her arms, skull and face.

Other members of the family came home later that night and found the mother-of-four lying in a pool of blood. The court heard their screams “rang out” across the neighbourhood when they saw the body. Police were called and they began investigating the crime as a burglary until eight days later, they found the knife and the bloodstained clothes used for the attack in Sabah’s room.

Saima’s husband, Hafeez later shared a touching tribute shortly after his wife died and praised her to no end. An impact statement made by Hafeez Rehman was read out in court in which he said “My wife Saima was a lovely, caring and kind wife and mother.

“I feel completely ashamed about my affair with Sabah. I know the affair should have stopped, but I never imagined anything like this would happen. Saima was such a good mum. I try my best with the children, but I can never replace their mum.”

On Thursday, Sabah was sentenced to at least 22 years in jail. The home, where the sisters lived with their parents and Saima’s husband Hafeez Rehman and their four young children, has now gone up for sale.


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