VIDEO: South Africa Police Kill Nigerian Student After Allegedly Stealing His Money (GRAPHIC)

SA police

A group of Nigerians in South Africa acted as their brother’s keeper when they recorded on video the killing of their fellow countryman by a gang of South African Police, “notorious” for extorting money from members of the Nigerian community living in that country.

In the video, one of the Nigerians, who recorded the clip, was heard alleging that policemen killed the Nigerian after stealing his money. According to him, when members of the police gang accost a Nigeria, “if they can’t get money from you, they will kill you.” He also said that it is the area police commander who sends the police men on such raids.

In the clip, 25-year-old Nigerian student, identified as Ibrahim Olalekan Badmus from Lagos State, is seen lying lifeless on the ground. The other Nigerians, later in anger, dumped his corpse on the bonnet of the Police van the killer cops rode in.

The man, who recorded the video, was also heard identifying an officer among the gang, whom he said was the one that killed another Nigerian recently.

The Nigerian Consul General in South Africa, Godwin Adama confirmed the killing. He told the press that Badmus was killed on Tuesday at Vaal Vreneging, near Johannesburg.

Meanwhile, South Africa Police authorities say that are probing the murder.


Watch the video below..



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