Yes, Tagbo Was My Lover & Davido Has Case To Answer About His Death – Caroline Danjuma

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More has been revealed concerning the death of Tagbo, a member of Davido’s crew and why Nollywood actress, Caroline Danjuma is fighting to unravel the cause of his death.

The actress has opened up that Tagbo was her lover.

Caroline had accused Davido and others of having a hand in Tagbo death and that he has a case to answer regarding events leading to her lover’s death.

In an interview with SDK, Caroline maintained that she accused Davido of dumping Tagbo’s body at a general hospital, after he allegedly died in his (Davido’s) car.

She said: “Firstly, I would like to address this whole razzmatazz about David killing Tagbo and that I said so. I never said (that Davido killed Tagbo),  but yes, I did call out Davido to know the whereabouts of Tagbo, but I never said he killed him. I never used the words  ‘killed Tagbo’.”

According to her, an eyewitness confirmed that Tagbo and Davido fought, before the deceased was locked in the car where he allegedly died.

“After we heard that Tagbo’s body was in Lagos Island Hospital, Davido’s crew refused to give any information and this was about past 7pm. I contacted someone who remembered seeing Davido and Tagbo, and remembered there was a fight. This person also told me there was a bet and said the same thing my neighbour said but said 30 shots and not 50.”

Speaking further, she claimed that Tagbo drank tequila and got intoxicated and wanted to drive his car but Davido refused and said Tagbo should stay with him.

“That was what I heard and that they drove to G12 Beach and got out leaving Tagbo in the car all locked up. He said one of the crew members came back and saw Tagbo gasping for air. This was the info they spread out there from a supposed eyewitness,” she was reported to have claimed.

Though Caroline said she was seeing the late Tagbo, but denied reports that he was the father of her daughter. She claimed that she only met him after her divorce, when her daughter was already three years old.

“I met Tagbo when I was legally divorced and out of my ex’s house to start a new life…Yes we were dating.

“My daughter is three years old and I only met Tagbo last year, so it’s not possible that Tagbo is the father of Elizabeth.”

Meanwhile , the Lagos Acting Police Commissioner Imohimi Edgal on Friday said his command is still waiting for the outcome of the autopsy report on Tagbo.

Further actions could only be taken  on the case when the autopsy result was out, he said.

He said: “We have already done what is necessary. Tagbo’s girlfriend lodged a complaint suspecting foul play in his death. We invited all parties some days back and sued for peace. An autopsy has been carried out and we are waiting for the result.”

Davido has again denied having a hand in the death of Tagbo, who he called a brother.


Caroline Danjuma




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