VIDEO: North, Buhari Accused Of Carrying Out Vendetta Against Ndi-Igbo, TV Reveals Top Secret In Banning IPOB (MUST WATCH)

President Buhari

In a video shared on YouTube, Igbo TV network has accused Northern leaders and President Muhammadu Buhari of orchestrating vendetta against the Igbo people of South East Nigeria under the guise of “Operation Python Dance II”.

The network also sought to expose what it termed as the real reason behind the banning and declaring the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, a terrorist organization.

It alleged that while President Buhari is secretly releasing Boko Haram fighters in detention and offering juicy amnesty to them (despite the fact that they are still waging war against the country, killing thousands and rendering millions homeless), he declared IPOB – a non violent and unarmed group – a terror organization due to his “generational grudge” against Ndi-Igbo, “not unconnected with the outcome of the 1966 coup”, which is erroneously believed to be an Igbo coup, aimed at wiping out the Northern political class.

Igbo TV claimed that the reason behind the terror tag is to enable the Buhari government kill, arrest and imprison Igbos as it moves to rob them of their human dignity, so as to make them feel inferior.

The clip, written by Charles Ogbu, alleged that a school of thought believes that Igbos, known for their stubbornness, are targeted because they are perceived as obstacles in the plan of the “Caliphate” to islamise the country.

It also accused the five South East governors of treacherously conspiring with the North to wipe out their own people. And warned that the same governors would now use the IPOB terrorist tag to get their political rivals arrested in the future on bogus allegation of IPOB links as they move to intensify their grip on power at all cost.


See the video below…


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