UPDATED! Over 3000 IPOB Members, Other Nigerians Protest At United Nations Over Biafra Killings (VIDEO)

biafra 1.png

Over 3,000 IPOB members, sympathizers and other Nigerians, angered by the recent killings of unarmed civilians by Nigerian soldiers in Aba and Umuahia in Eastern Nigeria, are currently staging a protest at the headquarters of the United Nations in New York against President Muhammadu Buhari.

In the video, the protesters were heard singing pro-Biafra songs and calling Buhari murderer.

The protesters, who sang about their anger in Igbo carried placards. Some read, “The government officials and the military are the real terrorist,” “Buhari radical islamic extremist, “Stop the Biafra killings” and “Buhari stop the genocidal killings”.

One of the protesters told CHECKPOINTCHARLEY that the protesters came from all parts of America, some of them coming from far away Florida to say enough is enough to Mr. Buhari.

“You can see the mammoth crowd here; we are over 3000 people here. Our mission is to tell the world what is going on in the Zoo called Nigeria.

“The world has to know that Mr. Buhari is a murderer. Christians have been killed for too long under his administration and this is no longer acceptable.

“As you can see, these are not only Igbo people. We are joined by our Yoruba, Niger Delta, Idoma, Anioma and our other brothers and sisters to tell the world what is going on.”

According to him, they plan now to protest at the United Nations New York every week, until they force the world to act against “the genocide going on in Biafra land”.

Earlier in the day, members of the Indigenous People of Biafra also protested in London, United Kingdom over the recent killing of unarmed civilians under “Operation Python Dance II” and the purported ban on the activities of the group in Nigeria.

See video below:





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