Aba Turned Into War Zone, Nigerian Soldiers Accused Of Door To Door Attack On Civilians

Chief of Army Staff, Lt-Gen. Tukur Buratai

CHECKPOINTCHARLEY has been informed by multiple sources that soldiers of the Nigerian Army, unleashed on a civilian population by President Muhammadu Buhari, under the so-called “Operation Python Dance II” has turned Aba, in South East Nigeria into a war zone.

Sources say the residents of the peaceful commercial city had a sleepless night, as sounds of helicopters, sirens and thunderous gunshots rented the air throughout the night.
The soldiers, mainly of Hausa-Fulani extraction, have also been accused of extra-judicial killings via door to door attack. CHECKPOINTCHARLEY has not independently verified this allegation of killings.
But a Face book user, Uzorchi Onwudinjo woke up in the middle of the night to write this:
Pls if you have anyone living in Aba especially within Ariaria, Gas line, umuocham, Osisioma, uratta, etc pls contact them ASAP we’re under door to door attack as I type this 😭😭😭”
At dawn she added:
I need not say more…Nnenna Anaba shares her story. Tonight, I was close to being robbed/killed.
And for the first time in my life, I appreciate the neighbourhood I grew up.Like I always say, I am not a heavy sleeper, any little sound wakes me up. So I was in between sleep & being awake, when I heard gunshots.
Immediately, I got up & turned off the TV.
Then I heard someone knock on my gate. In fact, the person was banging on it & not knocking. I checked to see if the doors were properly locked. Even though I knew they were. I bolted them, since i only locked with the key.

Then cries of “neighbours, are you people not hearing what is happening” in Igbo filled the air.
At this point, the church beside my house turned off their generator. My gate was still being banged but this unknown voice from the next house kept shouting to create awareness. I went for my phone. Checked the time & it was 3:02am.

Someone at the next Street started beating the gong. I heard a machete being sharpened from the house behind. People started blowing whistles & the gong beater increased the rhythm. I could now hear the voices of men on the streets, talking in loud tones. I’m sure all these was done to let the attackers know the neighbourhood was awake & ready to fight back. And at this point, the banging on my gate had stopped.

There was still gunshots, but now from afar.
Voices of people chuckling & laughing filled the air, from people who were bold enough to come out. I am proud of them & I appreciate. Their shouts of “onuru ube nwanne agbala oso(if you hear a sibling’s cry, do not run) gave me life.

This night was scary. I was prepared for the worst; being robbed, raped or killed.

Then I come on Facebook & I saw updates of different people saying they could hear gunshots from their end. I inboxed a friend & he said at his end, he could hear sound from an helicopter, gunshots & sirens.
Some are posting about Hausas setting houses around Osisioma-Uratta on fire, knocking on people’s houses & asking them to come out.

So who continuously banged on my gate? Armed robbers or Hausas? I will hear the hear in the morning.

Almost everyone in Aba had an experience tonight. This is my own live story & at this point, all I can say is. I’m alive, I’m fine.
If you have loved ones in Aba. It’s probably time to move.

Another Facebook user, Peter Agba-Kalu, a senior Journalist also wrote on his wall:

In the last 30 minutes, I have received 5 different calls from residents of Uratta in Aba about them being attacked by armed men, who are going around burning houses and killing people. I heard sounds of gun shots at the background when one of them who sounded like someone in panic called.
I am worried that civilians are being attacked at their homes at the middle of the night.
I am worried that things are gradually getting out of hand.
I am worried that this seems to be an intentionally planned provocative attack. That was why they first went to town with lies that Hausa’s were killed, when nothing of such happened.
Now, in the face of none existing pictures, videos or any other evidence in this information age to sustain these lies, to act on fake gossip and attack in the night, is to provoke the people to come retaliating in the day. This will simply build the required evidence and create excuse for the main attack. Shariff Adam Ismail was this why you were spreading lies that some Hausas were killed, when nothing of such happened?
Please my people, be wise. Let’s remain calm in the face of this provocations. It’s not cowardice, it’s wisdom.
After deep reflection I decided to share this information in order to achieve the followings:
*Alert the world of the atrocities of genocide proportion going on on Igbo land against Nde Igbo.
*Alert Nigerians that no Hausa person has been killed or is being killed in Igbo land. We don’t kill visitors, it’s against our culture and religion since we are adventurous people.
*Since the military is already here, alert them of these atrocities and inform them that accusing fingers are being pointed at them as collaborating with the attackers.
*Remind them that the same fingers was pointed at them as they were accused of taking sides in favour of the Hausa-Fulanis against the people of Jos, Kaduna South and Benue.
*Call them to go the extra mile to prove those making these allegations wrong.
*Show the world that we are not suppressing any truthful information.
*Call on all Igbo to remain alert without being provocative
*Remind the authorities that it is part of their constitutional duties to secure the lives of Nigerians in every part of the nation.
*Remind them that Igbo lives in every and any part of Nigeria is part of that constitutional contract.
I call on all Igbos in every part of Igbo land not to attack northerners no matter how provoked, show them love. The honest and sincere ones among them will call their people and tell them the truth. I doing so, we will wisely equally secure the lives of our people in the north-the run in millions. Igbo lives should matter to every Igbo person.
Enough time has been wasted already.
In all, I hope the military boys are not intentionally hitting up tension in the nation to provide environment and justifiable excuse to strike and takeover power. I mean NEPA power. I am saying this because I understand there’s always blackout at the barracks.
Share! Share!! Share!!!

There is still a dusk to dawn curfew imposed by Governor Okezie Ikpeazu in a bid to prevent a break down of law and order. It was extended till Friday yesterday.

Another source told CHECKPOINTCHARLEY that the popular Ariaria market was shut on Thursday by the police in response to the turbulent. The aim is to forestall a possible violent reaction by the traders.



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