Alhassan Says El-Rufai Behind Chibok Girls Kidnap As Infighting Within APC Intensifies Over Atiku


It appears Nigeria’s ruling party, the All Progressives Congress, APC, is heading for self-destruct after the outburst of Minister of Women Affairs, Amina Alhassan  that she would support former president Atiku Abubakar for president in 2019 and not Mr. Muhammadu Buhari.

As CHECKPOINTCHARLEY reported, her statement unsettled the APC, with those pretending to be Buhari’s loyalist, including the Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El-Rufai calling for her head.

But Alhassan is now firing back and has reportedly accused El-Rufai of playing a role in Chibok girls kidnapping. In fact she has threatened to expose him.

According to Scannews, the minister said she was surprised that a dirty character like El-Rufai could even have the gut to comment against her preference for Atiku Abubakar for 2019 Presidential race.

Alhassan said there are lot of things Nigerians needed to know about the planning and execution of Chibok girl abduction because those behind it will be unmasked very soon.  She said the the goal of the Chibok Girls kidnapping was very obvious – to defame and blackmail PDP and Jonathan out of power.

The minister had reacted angrily to the comment credited to El-Rufai where he was quoted as saying that Buhari was warned not to appoint her as minister.

He accused her of never been loyal to President Buhari from day one, saying that her loyalty lies with someone who is not even ready to support the party to success just because the person also want to become a president.

But in firing back, Alhassan said those who know history well could tell about the treacherous nature of Elrufai who can go to any length to stab anyone just to rise politically.

She revealed that El-Rufai was a nobody and was as poor as church rat if not for Atiku that made him what he is too.

“The same Elrufai was among those who plotted against Jonathan by tactically supporting Boko Haram and Kidnapping of Chibok girls, the information is out there where he lied that Jonathan wanted to kill him and other top members of APC by raising a false alarm about sniper list. No sane Nigerians will take Elrufai serious because he is an unrepentant addicted liar.

“The same Elrufai who claimed to be loyal to president is sponsoring some bloggers and his errand boys in the media to keep attacking and defaming Buhari, at least Nigerians and our party can see his deliberate action to blackmail the President when he released his memo to the media which was supposed to be a confidential memo to the President in his bid to tarnish and embarrass Baba Buhari.

“I am not a coward, Buhari is my President and one of the fathers of my party APC, if I can’t be real with my choice of Atiku, then it would amount to eye service, I am not that kind of person.”

She added, “I will personally meet with President Buhari and explain myself to him, I am not afraid of anybody in the party, after all I am a politician, for those who have gone ahead to plant a corruption story about me in the media, you are just wasting your time.”

Recall that former President Olusegun Obasanjo in his book “My Watch” described El-Rufai as the midget that thrives on stabbing the hands that fed him just to rise politically.


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  1. We knew that the sudden rise of Book haram and the kidnapping of Chibok girls was to smear GEJ. This deal saw blessings of former US President Barrack Obama. Amina Alhassan should be very careful. This is a top secret.


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