Nigerian And His Thai Wife Arrested For Robbery In Thailand

A Nigerian man and his Thai wife have reportedly been arrested by Phuket Police for allegedly robbing and shooting a Russian woman in Muang Phuket district in Thailand. The couple has also been accused of other theft cases in the houses of foreigners.

The Nigerian man was identified as Chukwunweike, and his Thai wife, Sasipha Nakonthaisong. Both were arrested at their home by Thai police on Thursday night (Aug 31).


They are now being charged for breaking into the rented house of Mrs Elena Kharenko, 51, on Wednesday night as she was sleeping. Unfortunately for the intruders, the woman woke up and screamed for help, but was shot.

The Nigerian and his wife were said to have escaped with her safe, while she was rushed to hospital for treatment.

Thai Police said the search of Chukwunweike’s house produced lot of valuables believed to have been stolen, including gold necklaces, computer notebooks, a Louis Vuitton handbag and luxury watches.


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