Man, 3 Women Arrested In Bayelsa For Selling Vulture And Donkey Meat (PHOTOS)

Next time you better watch where you eat. A man, name withheld, has been arrested in Yenagoa by members of the Bayelsa state Vigilante Network, led by Godwin Avidi, for allegedly cooking and preparing vultures and selling them as chicken meat to unsuspecting members of the public.

The man was nabbed at the popular slaughter place, at Tombia Market, Etegwe Yenagoa by the Vigilante group and handed over to men of the Akenfa Division, Bayelsa Police command.

Mr. Avidi said his group were on patrol when they observed some suspicious movements at the slaughter place and decided to snoop.

He said; “To our greatest imagination, we saw about thirty dead vultures, all prepared to be placed inside a hot pot of boiling water, we called the attention of the police and handed the suspect over to them.

“Before then, he confessed to us, that, he uses dead meat bones to attract the vultures and then uses chemicals to kill them, and he has been in this business for years, selling them to market women and chicken traders at major markets and chicken sales point in the state.”

Also arrested a day after were three women, all from Ughelli community, in Delta state, who are understood to be accomplices in the vulture selling business. They were picked up by the Vigilante network at the Tombia market.

The women confessed to selling vulture meat and carcasses of donkeys to unsuspecting buyers, saying that the meats were imported from neighboring states and sold at cheap prices to buyers, mostly those who own restaurants and canteens.


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