Policemen Who Brought Shame To Nigeria Police By Torturing Tattoo Lady Identified, Petition Reaches IGP

Chioma Pius

The policemen who allegedly brought shame to the Nigeria Police Force and the Nation, by torturing a 25-year-old undergraduate of the Federal Polytechnic, Nekede, Imo State, Chioma Pius, merely because she tattooed her body, has been identified by their victim, who has now petitioned the Inspector General of Police over the matter.

This was made known by Chioma on Wednesday, who gave the number plate of their patrol vehicle as NPF 4982C AKU PH. She said the matter has also been reported to the Public Complaint Rapid Response Unit of the Nigeria Police Force, Abuja.

CHECKPOINTCHARLEY had reported the lady’s post on Facebook on Wednesday, where she narrated her ordeal with a four-man patrol team on the Elebrada Junction, in the Emohua area of Rivers State.

According to her account, the police men humiliated and battered her for tattooing her body, after which they locked her up in a mobile cell.

Chioma told the Punch that her tormentors had earlier checked the vehicle particulars of the driver of the cab she took and finding no fault, shifted attention to her.

She said, “The incident happened around 1.05pm on Monday. My friend was having her birthday and I left Bayelsa for Port Harcourt, Rivers State, to buy groceries for her. I was in the cab when we were stopped at a checkpoint.

“One of them asked for the driver’s vehicle documents, which he gave them. I was in the car, listening to music. When the officer saw that the papers were complete, he asked me to come down.

“I asked the cab man if he had any problem with them, and he said no. The policeman asked me to identity myself and I told him my name and that I was a professional fashion designer. I told him that I was also a student of a polytechnic. I was wearing a smile on my face. I never knew that people misunderstood smiling for arrogance.

“His boss came towards us and asked if I was resisting arrest. He said I was treating him as if he was too small to talk to me. The boss asked for my identity and I reintroduced myself.

“He said, ‘Oh, you even have a tattoo, and you are resisting arrest. Ok, detain her.’ I was shocked.  I said, ‘Oga, you can’t ask them to detain me for wearing a tattoo.’ He said I was proving stubborn. Before I could turn around, the other policeman had slapped me twice.

“He pushed me towards his boss, who punched me as if he was punching a man like himself. The next thing, they poured water on me and the man went to get a horsewhip and flogged me. The boss used his gun to hit me twice in the thigh. I jumped into the mobile cell. One of them bought a sachet of pure water and poured it on me, shouting ‘Ashawo’.He also spat on me.”

When a confused Chioma demanded to speak with her fiancé, an Italian, the policemen allegedly called her a prostitute, saying she would soon contract HIV.

“The policemen ransacked my handbag and wallet, looking for money.  They later sneered that I didn’t have any money but I had a sharp mouth to question them.

“Three of them beat me up, while the fourth officer was busy extorting money from other motorists, who watched me suffered,” the lady added.

Chioma disclosed that the cab driver, who had been threatened with a gun for wanting to interfere, had to run to another checkpoint to beg other policemen to mediate.

They came and pleaded with the cops to release her, saying she had suffered enough, she said.

Chioma on Wednesday wrote on her Facebook page, “I want justice because I was humiliated publicly and treated like a child. They have probably been doing this to a lot of people, but it must end. I was not indecently dressed to have warranted any harassment. I wore a black jeans and a T-shirt. I don’t dress indecently outside. What if I had worn something transparent? Then I would have lost my life.”



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