DPO Arrested In Rivers For Ritual Killer’s Escape From Custody

IGP Idris

A Divisional Police Officer in Rivers State (name withheld) has been arrested on the orders of the State Police Command for facilitating the escape of one Ifeanyi Dike, who allegedly killed an eight-year-old girl for money ritual.

The DPO was arrested on Monday, a Police source told the Punch. It was gathered that he was deeply involved in telephone calls with Johnbosco Okoroeze, a dismissed police sergeant, which supported the conclusion that both acted in concert in allowing the suspected ritual killer to escape.

For allowing the ritual killer to escape, Johnbosco has since been dismissed by the Nigeria Police Force and is now facing criminal charges that could fetch him life imprisonment.

The top police source said, “We have enough evidence to believe that the DPO was working hand in hand with the ex-sergeant, who has been remanded in police custody. The DPO has been arrested.

“Even the father of the girl that was killed had said that there was communication with the IPO (dismissed sergeant) handling the matter and somebody that has not been disclosed. This happened while they were bringing the suspected ritual killer to the State Police Headquarters.

“All these and many more will serve as evidence against the DPO, who we believe has a lot to explain about his possible involvement in the escape of Ifeanyi Dike, who killed an eight-year-old boy, ostensibly for money ritual.”

Ifeanyi Dike is accused of raping, killing and removing vital organs of an eight-year-old girl, Victory Chikamso, before escaping from police custody.

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