UPDATED! “Moneyman” Mayweather Floors McGregor In 10


Floyd Mayweather has knocked out Conor McGregor in the tenth round of the much hyped Las Vegas fight, taking home money totalling $230million and remained undefeated in his boxing career, winning all his 50 professional fights.

He is the first boxer in history to have won 50 fights undefeated.

Mayweather, who was enjoying himself throughout the fight, eventually landed a huge right hand that staggered McGregor with a minute left in the tenth round.

The American intensified his attack on his Irish challenger, who was out of breath as he was pinned on the ropes by Mayweather.

Ultimately, the referee stepped in to stop the fight as ‘Moneyman Mayweather’ kept pummelling.

Mayweather immediately announced his retirement after the fight. Recall that he did the same two years ago after he defeated Pacquiao.

However, now Mayweather could permanently hang his gloves, with a perfect 50-0 record, one better than heavyweight legend Rocky Marciano.

The former welterweight boxing champion Mayweather, came out of a two-year retirement to take on the Irish mixed martial arts star.

He took his time at the start of the contest before dominating from the fourth round. From there on, it was clear who the winner would be.

Despite the defeat, McGregor, who was an unemployed former plumber four years ago before becoming one of the stars of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, is expected to earn around $100 million.





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