Nigerian Soldiers Take Citizen Disrespect To Beastly Height, Force Lady To Publicly Undress For Wearing Camouflage (PHOTO)

army undress lady

The Nigerian Army have taken its lack of respect for citizens to a beastly height as yet-to-be-identified military men publicly tore away a Nigerian lady’s dignity, who wore camouflage, by forcing her to pull down her trousers, with her underwear jutting out.

The picture of the lady’s public humiliation for violating no law of the land, is now trending on the internet. And there has been widespread condemnation of the unprofessional conduct of the military officers.

Majority of Nigerian, who reacted to the photo on different social media platforms, condemned the incident, saying the victim has been dehumanised.

The picture showed the lady being forced to pull down her trousers, revealing her underwear.

A military man, who was supervising the show of shame, bent over the victim, who looked terrified. It appeared she was begging another officer whose face was not revealed by the picture.

The identity of the supervising military officer was shielded by his cap, but the lady’s face was visible.

The time, place and circumstances surrounding the incident is yet to be ascertained. However available information revealed that the victim was harrassed somewhere in the northern part of the country.

The Nigerian Army is yet to comment of the incident. Majority of its personnel are poorly trained and lacking the right military mindset.

Citizen harassment is rampant and appears to be a leisure of Nigerian military personnel.



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