Badoo Kills Couple, Their Two Kids To Again Throw Ikorodu Into Panic


The notorious ritual cult, Badoo, has struck again in the Ikorodu area of Lagos State, killing a couple Mr. and Mrs. Adejare and their two of their children to throw the area into panic again.

The third child of couple is reportedly in a coma at the Ikorodu General Hospital. The children – all female – were  aged between five and one. Two were identified as Siyin and Ajoke.

The latest attack happened in the early hours of Sunday in Oke Ota community, Ibeshe.

The assailants were said to have gained entrance into  the family’s apartment by cutting the window net. Once inside, they allegedly smashed the victims’ heads with a stone and quickly vanished.

A resident, who spoke to the Punch said the incident became known around 12pm when church members of the deceased checked on them on the way from church. The victims attended The Chosen Generation Family Church in Oke Ota.

He said, “They had a special programme in their church today (Sunday). The members decided to check on them because they did not come to the church. They found the whole family in a pool of blood and raised the alarm. One of the three children was still breathing. He was rushed to the general hospital.

“There are burglar-proof bars on the windows in the house, except in the kitchen. They came through the kitchen. They tore the net and entered the house.

“We seem to have relaxed in securing the community because the attack subsided for some time. Even the police patrol has reduced.”

Their corpses were removed by policemen from the Ipakodo division, another eye witness said.


However, the Lagos State police spokesperson, ASP Olarinde Famous-Cole, disputed that the killings had connection with the Badoo cult.

“The house is just a room and parlour with one open window and no visible form of security. A family of five were attacked. Three died on the spot, one died while receiving treatment at a hospital and the last member is alive and responding to treatment.

“No visible trace of violence or clues linked to the cult was found. No stone was found at the scene. A case of murder is being investigated by police detectives, which doesn’t fit in the modus operandi of the cult,” the police spokesman said.

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