House Speaker Dogara Continues To Bask In Lawlessness, Refuses To Swear In Dorothy Mato


Dogara: seems to be questioning a legal system that made him speaker in the first place

In a disgusting legislative lawlessness, the Speaker of the Nigerian House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara has continued to disrespect the Supreme Court judgment that sacked one of his sidekicks, Herman Hembe and replaced him with Dorothy Mato as the authentic representative of Vandeikya/Konshisha Federal Constituency of Benue state.

More than four weeks after the 23 June decision of Nigeria’s highest court, Mr. Dogara has refused to swear in Mrs. Mato.

The Speaker and his allies have deliberately blocked her swearing in – giving one clumsy reason or the other as they continue to shift the date for the swearing-in of the new member.

CHECKPOINTCHARLEY have been told that in the continuous dribbling of Mrs Mato, the House leadership has again, as usual, said she would be sworn in upon resumption of members from a six week recess. This would mean a three month delay for the implementation of the Supreme Court verdict.

However, the  statement of the Chairman House Committee on Media and Public Affairs, Rep. Abdulrazak Namdas supports the suspicion that the House has no plan to swear in Mato even after the said recess.

According to Namas the House is not keen in swearing in someone who did not contest an election.

“You can’t be sleeping in your house without going through a process and then you go and obtain a court order or ruling to achieve your ambition,” he said.

Though he made an unconvincing promise that Mrs Mato would be sworn in after the recess. “By the time the House resumes from recess, Mato would have completed all the processes for her to be sworn-in as Hembe’s replacement”

The Supreme Court had on 23 June’s declared Mato the authentic winner of the March 28, 2015, general elections and the duly elected representative for Vandeikya/Konshisha Federal Constituency.


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