11 People Perish As Rain Pound Nigerian Cities

flood ibadan

Eleven people have perished in Suleja and other towns in Niger State as floods hit Nigerian cities after long hours of rainfall at the weekend.

There were floods in Ibadan, Oyo State and some parts of Lagos but it appears that Niger, as a result of the deaths, was the worst hit.

In Lagos areas of Lekii, Victoria Island and Ajah, the floods are yet to recede at the time of filing this report.

Due to the floods, many parts of Lagos Island have been thrown into darkness.

Five hours of rainfall in Niger claimed the lives of nine people in Checheniya and one in Kuala, Suleja. Another person died in Ayin-Nassarrawa in Tara Local Government Area of the State.

Houses and properties worth several millions of naira were also destroyed.

Niger State Emergency Management Agency (NSEMA) Director-General, Ibrahim Ahmed said two bodies were found, adding that search and rescue operation officials were ongoing recover the remaining bodies.

According to him, the identities of the victims were yet to be ascertained, but confirmed that 11 people had been declared dead between  Saturday night and yesterday.

He said: “As I am talking to you now, the search and rescue operation is going on and so far, two bodies have been recovered. Initially, we thought eight people were lost in Suleja but we received a report from the team that the number had increased to ten. We have one in Tara.”

However, the worst-hit areas include Kaduna Road through Bakin-Iku, Chanchania and Yaro College, Kantoma, Kuspa, Angwa Gwari, and Angwa Juma.

Buildings were submerged and some residents, who tried to leave their submerged homes for safety, were swept away by the floods, reports, it was gathered.

A Bakin-Iku, Sani Gamko resident said: “Many houses were affected by the flood. Some completely collapsed while only parts of some buildings collapsed.

“I know of nine persons who were carried away by the flood and likely dead in Bakin-Iku community alone.

“The local government chairman and some NEMA officials have already visited the community.”


A Search and Rescue Officer of NEMA, Egrigba Micheal said they were able to rescure a victim, who has been rushed to the Suleja General Hospital.

He said: “We got a call from our zonal coordinator, Mohammed Idris, that there was a flood in Suleja. So we quickly moved to Suleja. We have seen a lot of devastation the rain has caused. Many of the houses were submerged while some were completely rooted out. Many properties worth millions of naira were also destroyed.

“There was one house that had eight people dead, although we didn’t see their bodies.

“In a family of eight, only one person was rescued. But the other seven are still missing.

“We will go back to write our report and submit to our boss. Certainly, tomorrow they will come back and do another assessment before there can be any relief. The rain was really devastating”

Chairman of Suleja Local Government Area, Abdullahi Maje confirmed that 10 persons had been declared missing.

Maje said: “The flood started around 12 midnight till this morning and affected more than 100 houses around Suleja Local Government Area, apart from Tafa local Government Area.

“There are about 10 missing persons within Suleja that the flood took away. Three bodies have been found; we are still searching for the remaining persons dead or alive.

“We have made a call to the Federal Government through NEMA. They responded quickly and came to Suleja and also the state management agency came in from Minna this morning.” he said

Meanwhile, NEMA has blamed the flooding on the failure to obey town planning rules.

The agency therefore recommended demolition of structures built on water ways to prevent flooding and loss of lives.





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