VIDEO: IPOB Leader Nnamdi Kanu Explains Why He Asked For Guns

Nnamdi-Kanu-1-620x400 umu

IPOB leader Nnamdi Kanu

The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, has said he asked for guns from Igbos based in the United States for self-defense  against the menace of Fulani herdsmen, who he said have been killing Igbos and raping their women. He stated this in an interview with Adrian Kriesch of German TV station, Deustche Welle. His interviewer had questioned him how he intends to pursue a peaceful agitation for the actualisation of Biafra when he had ordered for arms.

According to the IPOb leader, Self-defense is recognized by all United Nations laws.

Mr. Kanu said: “I am sure you have heard of the Fulani herdsmen killing people all over the place. How do you intend to defend yourself against Fulani herdsmen without guns and bullets?

“They have been killing our people, raping our women, destroying crops in the farms and no one does anything about it. Is that how human beings are supposed to live?

“Self-defense is recognized even by all the known laws at the UN.

“We are fighting for independence, not fighting physically with guns and bullets. We are fighting in terms of our agitations; we are fighting in terms of our belief; we are fighting in terms of our consistency to ensure that we free, because we are not free.

“As a free people, we can afford to make life better for our people. Right now, we cannot do that because of how Nigeria is structured and because of the flawed foundation Nigeria rests.”

Kanu threatened that there would be no election again in “Biafraland” until there is a referendum. “If the government does not agree to that, there will be no elections in Biafra land. No more elections here.

“They can put whoever they like in office. They can do whatever they like with their political positions. We will not engage in any political process.”

The IPOB leader did not spare words about the state of the country, “People behave like animals; they are not disciplined enough; they are not mentally developed enough to run a transparent civil society.

“They have a feudal mindset, where you have the ruling class and a multitude of poverty-stricken people who never utters any word in rebellion or to even ask questions about their plight.

“That is one thing we are determined to challenge.”

He added, “what we are asking the world to recognize is that we want to live in peace and not in pieces. Allow Biafra to exist. We were existing before the British came. Just allow us to go back to what we were before.

“No African came to Europe to create countries. So, for somebody to just come in here and say ‘you, you, you, and you from today your name is Nigeria’ is simply laughable.”

See video below:



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