Evans: Heads To Roll At Imo Police Command Over Billionaire Kidnapper’s 2006 Release From Custody

evans scar

Evans showing his interrogators the scar

.Police Launch Manhunt For Another Soldier Gang Member

Heads will roll at the Imo State Police Command as the Police begin to fish for those behind the release of arrested billionaire kidnapper, Chukwudumeje George Onwuamadike (aka Evans) after he was arrested in 2006 for a bank robbery in Lagos. This follows his confession that the gunshot scar on his right shoulder was actually from the injury he sustained during a 2006 bank robbery in Lagos. This contradicts his earlier story that he scar came  when he was shot in 2007 by his partner in drug business in South Africa.

According to the Nation, Evans “the terrible”, who was confronted with a newspaper interview that indicated the scar was as a result of a gun duel between him and his gang members at the National Theatre in Surulere, Lagos Mainland,  admitted that he had lied.

He said that he and his gang members robbed a bank in 2006 and that while sharing the loot, there was a disagreement, which led to a fight.

He narrated how they started shooting themselves and at the end many of the robbers died. Evans added that he seriously injured and abandoned by the others.

The kidnap kingpin also disclosed that the fallout of that robbery was him being arrested by the police, saying that he e and two others were transferred to the Imo State Police Command,  from where they were released.

The officer in charge of the Inspector General of Police’ (IGP) Intelligence Response Team (IRT), Abba Kyari,ACP, said: “Evans was confronted with the interview on Sunday and he admitted that the bullet wounds are from disagreement over sharing of loot after bank robbery in Lagos in 2006. They shot one another and many gang members died while Evans survived with bullet wounds.”

A Superintendent of Police with Lagos State Command, simply identified as Tina, reportedly sought to get the  robbery case being put together against Evans dropped. But her attempt was resisted.

However, she reportedly travelled to Owerri, from where a report was sent requesting the transfer of Evans to the command because of another case he was involved in, which they claimed was under investigation. At the end, Evans “the terrible” was quietly released in Owerri. Tina is believed to be related to Evans’ mother, the Nation reported.

The newspaper gathered that the police are now out to find out all those who participated in the 2006 release of Evans and two of his gang members. They are to be prosecuted, sources said.

They also revealed that the police have begun a manhunt for another soldier said to be a member of Evans kidnap syndicate. His identity is not yet known but it is understood that he was attached to one of the Army formations in Lagos.

A source said the police had the soldier’s names and pictures.

“He should have been arrested on Saturday night but we believe he might have gone into hiding after his colleague, Victor Chukwunonso, was caught. That was why the police high command did not want to release information on the arrest of Chukwunonso because there are so many others being investigated.

“But I know he would be caught. Our bosses will simply approach army authorities with evidence and request that he be handed over to the police.

“It is true that they have started looking for that Tina woman and many other officers who were serving at the Imo State Command at that time that Evans was released. So many heads will roll in this matter.”


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