Arrested Billionaire Kidnapper, Evans Was Moving His Things From His Lagos Mansion When He Met His Waterloo – Neigbours


Billionaire kidnap kingpin, Evans

Neigbours of arrested billionaire kidnap kingpin, Chukwudubem George Onwuamadike aka Evans have confirmed the  report by CHECKPOINTCHARLEY that the Nnewi native, who only demanded US dollars from his victims, came to his Magodo GRA Mansion for the last time to remove some of his personal effects when he was nabbed by the police.

The guards, who claimed they were friends of Evans’ gateman, Pius, told the Nation that the notorious kidnapper, who neither received visitors nor mixed with neighbours, came the day he met his waterloo with a cab to collect some of his things (obviously for the last time) from the house, and the cab waited for him outside. It was the first time he came there after a longtime, they said.

“But as soon as he entered, policemen surrounded the place (unknown to him). He opened his upper window and called Pius. He asked Pius who those people were and Pius told him they were policemen and they were looking for him.

“Then, he locked the window and stayed there. As of then, we didn’t know what was happening. We thought that maybe they were just looking for him until we saw the policemen drag him out in handcuffs. They also took Pius with them.

According to them, Evans and his family never went to church. They said the only person allowed to go to church was Pius, the gateman.

One of the guards, who gave his name as John, said: “I have been working in this estate for more than one year. This house is new. It was built last year. The man bought it and remodelled it. He changed a lot of things in the house.

“He doesn’t talk to people. He doesn’t attend estate meetings but he pays his dues. I haven’t seen visitors enter there. He was living in the house with his family and he had a woman cook. His security man is Pius, our brother from Kaduna. He told us the man has four wives and that none of them knew the other.

“Pius was arrested by the police that day (Saturday). The man doesn’t go to church and I never saw his family go to church. Pius told us he was the only one who usually went to church in the house. He said his salary was N20,000 per month.

“We noticed the man started moving out about a month ago. Pius also said it during our discussion that his employer was moving out. The man stopped coming to the estate in his car. Sometimes he came on a power bike, other times, a cab.”

It was also said that Evans never attended the estate’s meeting but usually paid his utility and other estate dues “promptly”.

After five years of trailing him, operatives of the Inspector General of Police Intelligence Response Team (IRT) finally arrested the notorious kidnapper on Saturday.

Evans also told reporters, while he was paraded on Sunday, that he sent his family to Canada to go and stay after the heat from the police got much.

He said, “I have five children. Three boys and two girls. I sent my family to Canada.

“I have dual citizenship – Nigeria and Ghana. I got visa for my family in Ghana because I couldn’t get it in Nigeria. I have not left Nigeria since 2007 that I returned from South Africa but my family usually travelled and I also give money to people to buy whatever I need or I buy online.”

CHECKPOINTCHARLEY had reported that Evans was planning to travel to Europe and had gone to his Magodo mansion for the last time to collect things that were important to him.



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