Igbos Want Nigeria Restructured – Senator Ekweremadu


Deputy Senate President Ike Ekweremadu; he had accused the EFCC recently of planning to raid his house

Deputy President of the Nigerian Senate, Senator Ike Ekweremadu, has advised his Igbo kinsmen to avoid taking up arms against the Federal Government in their struggle for freedom. He said what Ndigbo want from Nigeria was the restructuring of the federation to ensure equity and enable Igbos to realize their dreams.

Mr. Ekweremadu stated  this at the World Igbo Congress summit in Enugu on Saturday.

He said, “The minimum Ndi’gbo demand from Nigeria is a restructure of the federation so that every component part of it can substantially harness its resources, cut its coat according to its cloth and develop at its own speed.

“Instructively, the ill-fated ‘Aburi Accord’ was about restructuring, even if it is not exactly as we want it today. But it was breached and discarded, plunging the nation into an avoidable fratricidal war. Yet, 50 years after, the need and call for restructuring and return to a true federal state have only persisted.

“Although the call initially fell on deaf ears, it is heartwarming that the right quarters are beginning to listen and the call is gathering traction daily, even from hitherto improbable quarters.”


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