Why We Arrested Ex-Governor Lamido – Police


The Nigerian Police have confirmed that former governor of Jigawa State, Sule Lamido was arrested for making statements capable of inciting violence. This was made known on Sunday by Kano police spokesperson, Samba Sokoto. He said the ex-governor’s acts were contrary to Section 114 of the penal code, adding that investigations are ongoing and that Mr. Lamido would be charged to court at the end of the investigations.

Mr. Sokoto, a deputy superintendent of police, said Lamido’s arrest followed a petition received on April 27 from the Jigawa State government, accusing the former governor of asking his supporters to resort to violence if the July 1 local government elections did not go their way.

“Before the election I will make every one of you swear with his life to protect our cause. No matter what, I will not listen to you for complaining. All I want is to come for your bail in the police station breaking another person’s head or you fought someone because the administration belongs to mad people,” Lamido allegedly said.

It is gathered that after his arrest on Sunday, Lamido’s houses in Kano and Jigawa were searched by separate teams of police officers but nothing incriminating were found.

The former governor, a critic of the President Muhammadu Buhari’s government and believed to be nursing presidential ambition, may be charged to court on Tuesday after the public holiday.

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