Father Of Nigerian Democracy, Goodluck Jonathan Urges Jegede To Concede Defeat


The new father of Nigerian democracy, former President Goodluck Jonathan has urged the defeated Peoples Democratic Pary, PDP, candidate in the Ondo governorship election, Eyitayo Jegede, SAN, to be a gentleman and concede defeat, party sources tell Daily Post.

The former president was among the first to call Jegede when the result was announced. Jonathan asked him to concede defeat in the best interest of the people, having fought hard thus far.

“Dr. Goodluck (Jonathan) was among the first persons that called him (Jegede) even before the result was announced. He pointedly told him to be a ‘gentleman’ and congratulate anybody who would eventually emerge winner.

“When the result was announced, he (Jonathan) called again and reminded him (Jegede) not to forget their earlier discussion,” the source said.

It is understood that the PDP candidate is willing to accept defeat but some top party members in the state are pushing for challenging the result in court.

“Left for Jegede, he is not desperate. He is ready to let go but his party members and sponsors are considering going to court, hence his statement that he was still studying the result”, the source added.

Earlier, the PDP candidate had in a statement said it was too early to decide his next line of action.

Jegede said: “it is too early to decide on what to do as a person. My party the PDP, will decide what to do. We are still consulting with those that matter so as to know the next line of action.

“I know we have won the heart of the people and I should thank our people for standing by us and for their show of love and their steadfastness.

‘We are studying the situation and in the fullness of time you will know what the position of the party is.

“The events that led to the election are known to you and I. We had 48 hours to prepare for the election. I was cleared by the court on Wednesday and had only Thursday to campaign and on Saturday I had to go for election.”

Jonathan made history in 2015 when he became the first Nigerian president to concede defeat after losing the presidential election to Mr. Muhammadu Buhari. It paved the way for an unprecedented smooth transition of power.

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