8 Dead, Many Wounded in Munich Multiple Shootings

Polizeieinsatz vor einem Einkaufszentrum in München. | Bildquelle: AP

At least six people are dead and many injured in multiple shootings in Munich, Germany.

The shootings were carried out in multiple locations in Munich. The shootings started in a Munich Olympia shopping mall, about an hour ago. The first shooter opened fired at MCDONALDS inside the mall.

Olympic Mall, venue of the shooting

The perpetrators are still on the loose. Witnesses tell police that they saw at least three attackers with rifles. A manhunt by German Special Forces is underway. “We do not know where the perpetrators are,” Munich Police said.

Polizeieinsatz vor einem Einkaufszentrum in München | Bildquelle: dpa

Six people have been confirmed dead by the police but German media is putting the number at eight, at the moment.

It is the second terror attack on German soil, the first barely one week old, when a 17 year-old Afghan refugee, who pledged allegiance to ISIS, wounded four people in an axe attack in a regional train in Wurzburg, also in Southern Germany.



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