Edo Governorship 2016- Obaseki Gets Diaspora Boost

As the battle for Edo Governorship. 2016 toughens, Europe-based Edo indigenes have endorsed the governorship aspiration of Godwin Obaseki. The decision was made in Berlin recently at a meeting of the Edo Diaspora for Obaseki – EDO – a coalition of groups from across Europe. EDO pledged its support for the APC aspirant and will also campaign for him.

Berlin based lawyer, former Legal adviser to the Nigerians In Diaspora Organization EUROP (NIDOE), Barrister Efosa Ogieriahki said the decision to endorse Obaseki was based on his sterling qualities. “If you objectively look at the field of aspirants, there is a total absence of credible alternative to Obaseki.”

Addressing the gathering, Barrister Ogieriakhi, said he was motivated to mobilise the Edo diaspora not only in Europe but also in North America for Obaseki’s candidacy because it was important to ensure that a fitting successor takes over from current Governor Adams Oshiomhole. “Nobody can deny that Comrade Oshiomhole has brought many positive changes to Edo State. We don’t want Edo State to go back to where it was before Oshiomhole came into office.”

He told the more than 150 participants to reject renegades, who see administration as a “try your luck exercise”. Saying the need to back Obaseki was predicated on the necessity for “the consolidation of the many policies, programmes and projects that are creating a basis for the sustainable economic and social development of the state”. This was greeted with a standing ovation.

Dr Uduehi Momoh from the UK added that Edo was lucky to have such a “thoroughbred professional like Obaseki” aspiring to govern the state in a country where people like him avoid politics.

The group also called on all contestants for governorship in Edo State to carry out their campaign peacefully because “the peace and political stability in the past seven years are among the factors that contributed to Edo’s economic success”.

Dr. Agwi, Engr. Brisborne Iyamu, Barrister Benedict Aimionowane, Elter Kingsley Ogbebor, Deacon Osarumwense Ogbeide, Pa Edobor Otabor, Mr. Obasuyi, Mr. Bobby Obaseki, amongst many others pleaded to all Edo Indigenes to exercise their electorial franchise.
The Edo governorship election is scheduled to take place on 10 September this year.

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